Five Protein-Rich Breakfast Substitutions for Eggs

Five Protein-Rich Breakfast Substitutions for Eggs

Protein is one of the most important elements to the most important meal of the day. It can curb appetite throughout the work hours, keeping you full and energized – which in turn can lead to weight loss (you wouldn’t feel the need to snack) and lower overall calorie counts.

For a lot of people, eggs are the protein staple to their breakfast. But what if you’re an egg-hater?

Not to worry, there’re plenty of protein-rich breakfast substitutions for eggs. Here are five alternatives to yolk and/or whites:


Quinoa isn’t only a sub for eggs’ protein, but a general replacement for your morning oats. A cup of cooked quinoa adds 8 grams of protein – compared to an egg at just 6 – and 5 grams of always-useful fiber.

Give this maple-syrup sweetened quinoa, made with slivered almonds, dried apricots, ricotta, orange zest, and cinnamon, a go at the breakfast table.


You’re not a child, so you’d be responsible having pudding for your morning meal, right? Actually, you can eat to your stomach’s content, as this pudding recipe with chia has 11 grams of protein (and 19 grams of fiber). If you enjoy the taste of a chai latte in the morning, give this recipe a whirl.

Yogurt Parfaitparfait

Along with eggs, yogurt is another staple in the protein power community. It can get kind of bland when it’s riding solo, so adding fruit and either nuts or low-sugar granola can make for one mean breakfast.

Here’s an uber-healthy recipe for a yogurt parfait that adds other superfoods, and only packs 12 grams of protein.


Smoothie enthusiasts will typically have nothing more than the drink for breakfast, as you can add virtually any ingredient you desire. So why not another punch of protein?

Adding nut butter (or try tahini if you’re feeling adventurous), hemp, other seeds, or yogurt are quick and simple ways to throw some protein onto your custom smoothie. If you don’t like to beat around the bush and want to add pure protein powder, unsweetened pea protein powder is the way to go.

This smoothie – with peanut butter, flax seeds, and almond milk – is deceptively nutritious (and delicious).


Who says you can’t have fish, beef, or chicken for breakfast? Left over protein from dinner is still protein. Re-heat them with some extra veggies to continue the protein process, or throw the meat in a whole-grain wrap if you’re on the go.

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