Fingernails With That? 8 of the Strangest and Weirdest Things Found in Fast Food

Fingernails With That? 8 of the Strangest and Weirdest Things Found in Fast Food

Maybe you heard the troubling news: today, someone found a metal spring from a pen in their Taco Bell quesadilla. Why? Why, oh why, does fast food seem to attract the craziest contents?

The invasion isn’t limited to pen components. Check out these 8 outrageous items found in fast food:

1) A Spring

Ok, we’ve already mentioned this one, but here are the deets. A woman in San Marcos, California says she found the little spring last Sunday night, while munching.

“My first instinct was, ‘Oh my God, my daughter could have swallowed this,'” she is reported to have said. “I could not believe that I saw this metal spring in my food. I’m so grossed out, I don’t think I’ll ever come back,” she commented. Maybe a good idea.

2) Worms


According to a report on, a once man found a live, wriggling worm in his MacDonald’s burger. Location and date undetermined, but photo provided.

3) A Fingernail


In June of 2015, the UK’s Daily Mail reported that a mother-of-two was left disgusted when her six-year-old daughter found a human fingernail in her McDonald’s burger. When the find was reported to a staff member at the restaurant, it was confirmed to be human, and a full refund was issued for the family’s meal. McDonald’s said they launched an investigation following the incident and vowed to keep in touch with the mother and family. Sending a Christmas card.

4) Blue Mold


Delicious on crackers, this stuff is not the same when growing on bread. reports that in June of 2015 (again) and again in the UK (what’s up with Mickey D’s in Britain?), Edward Porter, a 33-year old account executive was served a burger with blue mold on his bun. He was issued vouchers in compensation. (Does that mean he still ate the bun??)

5) Marijuana


Ok, this one’s in Iowa. A couple dining at McDonald’s in the heartland found what they thought looked like some pot sitting between the patties of a double cheeseburger on April 26th, 2014.

The police were notified and after an investigation, they said that the substance “appear(ed) to be consistent with marijuana.” The substance was sent to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation for further testing.

Trying to determine how the material got into the burgers, police were reported to have looked at everyone, from the employees at the restaurant to the couple who first reported the problem.

6) A Dirty Rag


So, Debbie and has Wurth didn’t even get the burger. After going through the drive-thru, this Chicago couple got home and found a dirty rag in place of a sandwich, in their burger wrapping. Lovely. Jeez, what the heck did they say to the cashier??

7) Human Teeth


Many people in the world could use some extra teeth. But maybe not in their fries. In January of 2015, a McDonald’s customer in Osaka, Japan, found a human tooth sitting in their order of golden French fries. The restaurant assured people that no workers were missing any teeth and concluded that the tooth had not been cooked with the fries and had no explanation for how it had got into the order.

8) A Piece of Latex Glove


And, last but not least, a Texas woman was reported to have found a piece of a latex glove-the type you can wear to wash dishes- in her burrito. Admittedly, the burrito was purchased from a local gas station, and the woman was refunded the full $0.86 for her discomfort.

Seems like the moral to this story is, don’t buy your dinner for eighty-six cents, maybe.

Enjoy, eat up and remember: if you order outside, always check inside.


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