What Are the Female Midlife Crisis Stages?

What Are the Female Midlife Crisis Stages?

Although you hear more about it in men, a midlife crisis is common in women, too. Let’s go over female midlife crisis stages and what to expect.

Women, just like men, could end up facing a midlife crisis. But this crisis might be a little different from the one that men are known for going through. So what are the female midlife crisis stages, and what can be expected when a women goes through a midlife crisis?

The Signs Associated with a Midlife Crisis

Being aware of some of the common signs of a midlife crisis will help you figure out whether or not you are going through one personally, or if someone you know is going through this difficult time.

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For example, many women who go through a midlife crisis might experience a period of self-reflection during which they ask themselves deep questions about their life and the track that they’re on. If you find yourself going through this, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it could help you figure out if you’re content with the way that your life is or if changes need to be made to help you feel more fulfilled. However, self-reflection could lead to rash decisions, especially when you’re also experiencing mood swings.

Going through menopause brings about a lot of physical changes to a woman’s body, and the drop in estrogen could make her feel as though she is going through constant PMS. On top of that, a woman might begin experiencing difficulty sleeping through the night, and she may lose her libido. Plus, getting older might also make some women obsess over their appearance in an effort to remain youthful, while others may end up giving up on their appearance.

Other emotional changes that may occur with a midlife crisis include depression, a feeling of loss, and a negative attitude about the future and what’s in store. Women may even begin feeling bored with their lives, and there may also be a sense that their best years are already behind them.

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The Female Midlife Crisis Stages

According to experts, a woman going through a midlife crisis will move through it in stages, such as:

  • A stage that launches the crisis by putting a woman through an emotionally trying time. She may, for example, be filing for divorce, she might be dealing with a really busy schedule at work, or she might be realizing that she’s getting older and she believes that she’s losing her beauty.
  • A second stage might involve a woman lashing out at her loved ones, such as her spouse. She may be looking for someone else to blame for what she’s going through. Or she may be seeking new freedom, so she finds herself trapped in her current life, causing her to resent those around her. A search for her own identity may also leave a woman feeling frustrated as she questions her past decisions and what she should do next.
  • Another stage could involve a woman taking new risks and trying new things in an effort to match her current life to her expectations. She may, for example, decide to switch careers or turn to friends who can support her as she finds answers to her questions.
  • After moving through some difficult stages, a woman will eventually accept her life, whether she has decided that she’ll keep it as-is or she has decided to make some serious changes.

Any woman could go through a midlife crisis, but with the right support, as well as patience and understanding, from loved ones, she’ll come out of the female midlife crisis stages with a clearer sense of who she is and what she wants.

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