Why You Feel Anxious After Drinking Alcohol

Why You Feel Anxious After Drinking Alcohol

Many symptoms of a hangover – fatigue, headaches, nausea – are apparent and gross, but some, like anxiety, are common yet not talked about.

Hangxiety’, as it’s called, can be intense mood changes felt the day after drinking. Why does it happen?

As the body eliminates alcohol from your system, two things are happening: Your blood sugar drops due to your body diverting energy to excreting booze, rather than maintaining healthy glucose levels, and inflammation kicks in. The latter is linked to mood changes and memory issues.


An upswing in inflammatory chemicals affects your nervous system; low blood sugar leads to feelings of nervousness, studies suggest.

Plus, there’s something to be said about the well-known side effect of alcohol lowering your inhibitions, which can increase anxiety when you’re rethinking (or trying to remember) you actions from the night before.

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If you’re constantly feeling hangxiety, try limiting yourself to a couple of drinks a night, and spread them out with some water in between.

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