Exercise Tips for Your Age

Exercise Tips for Your Age

Consistent physical activity throughout your life is necessary to maintain strength, keep free of aches and pains, and reduce the risks of long-term ailments.

But the limitations on your body will change as you age. Here are some exercise tips and the best activities you can do, no matter what age bracket you fall into.

In your teens and 20s

This is the time when you’re at your peak physical condition, so your workout habits should be well established, and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

Fitness experts suggest those workout habit foundations should be laid now, combining both aerobic exercise and strength training; the latter isn’t typically prioritized enough at this crucial age.

So, take up weight-training, and other aerobic exercises like running or hiking, at least two days a week.

Your 30s and 40s


“For men and women, the 30s and 40s can be major career years,” says Lisa Westlake, a physiotherapist in Australia. “This means they may be busy at work and spending hours at the desk in poor posture.”

High-intensity interval training is a great option when you’re low on time and spend most of your days sitting. It increases fat burning, builds endurance, lowers blood sugar, and more.

Many report back pain creeping up on them as they approach their 40s, which can be addressed by strengthening your core with exercises like pilates or planks.

Your 50s and 60s

You’re at an even greater risk of aches and chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease at this age.

Julie Broderick of Trinity College Dublin recommends ballroom dancing and brisk walking to stay active. (Dancing doubles as a way to keep social and preserve good cognitive function.)

Older adults are also vulnerable to falls, so working on your balance and flexibility would be a wise choice; try low impact activities like tai chi and water aerobics.

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