Everything You Need to Know About Keto Coffee

Everything You Need to Know About Keto Coffee

Following the keto diet means giving beloved foods like high-carb items, high-sugar fruits, and starchy veggies (okay, maybe they’re not all beloved).

One prized food you don’t have to give up, however, is your daily cup of coffee (thanks goodness). But, keto diet enthusiasts recommend making a few tweaks to your morning brew so it’s more aligned with the popular eating regimen.

They call it ‘bulletproof coffee.’


“Keto coffee is simply coffee with added fat,” says Miami-based nutritionist Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, a nutrition consultant for RSP Nutrition.

Instead of topping your coffee off with milk or cream, which is too high in carbs to reach ketosis, or the whole idea of the diet, keto followers use low-carb, high-fat keto ‘creamers’ like butter or ghee to cut back on coffee’s bitterness.

These add-ins also help increase feelings of fullness, too, Moreno says. “Pure black coffee isn’t filling, but when it’s filled with fat, it’s so rich and creamy that you wind up eating less with your meal.”

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This keto coffee strategy can aid in the diet’s weight loss strategy as well.

The MCTs you typically add to keto coffee are converted into ketones, which are produced from the breakdown of fat when carbohydrate consumption is limited,” says Aimee Aristotelous, RD, a certified nutritionist and author of The Whole Pregnancy. “When following a ketogenic diet, consuming MCTs in your coffee will help you say in ketosis and will give you a burst of energy if you are one who hits the gym in the morning.”

To make your own keto coffee, just brew some black coffee, add a few tablespoons of your preferred keto creamer and MCT oil into a blender, then pulse for a few seconds until it’s a frothy consistency. Enjoy!

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