Eating a Low Fat Diet Can Actually Shorten Your Life: Study

Eating a Low Fat Diet Can Actually Shorten Your Life: Study

If you’re turning to low-fat crackers, cookies and cakes  for snacking, you could be heading down a path more dangerous than you think.

It’s really hard to tell which road to take these days, when it comes to eating fat. Too much will give you a heart attack and kill you, and too little will send you to an early grave as well, experts say.

How? It’s not about the absence of fat really, but what people tend to eat to fill that gap in their diet with, when they aren’t getting enough: carbohydrates.

A recent study out of Canada has found that individuals who cut back on fat have a 28% greater risk of dying earlier, when compared with those who eat a regular diet filled with delicious butter, cheese and meat.

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Researcher Dr. Andrew Mente, from McMaster University, said: “Our data suggests that low fat diets put populations at increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

“Loosening the restriction on total fat and saturated fat and imposing limits on carbohydrates when high to reduce intake to moderate levels would be optimal.”

Ideally, you should get 35 per cent of your daily calories from fats. Men need about 30g and women, no more than 20g.

What should you snack on? In essence, it’s better to reach for a piece of cheddar cheese in the middle of the afternoon than to try and avoid the fat, but fill up on carbonated drinks, cookies and crackers that are filled with refined sugars instead. You’ll probably end up eating too much of the stuff, while missing out on nutrients your body truly needs.

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