Don’t Want the Sugar? How to Get Cash for Candy While Donating to Troops Overseas

Don’t Want the Sugar? How to Get Cash for Candy While Donating to Troops Overseas

Now that the loot has been hauled in and you’ve gorged yourself on the kids’ candy, how do you get rid of the excess junk? Here’s how to donate it to the troops.

Halloween is the perfect time for kids of all ages to celebrate. But not every caregiver wants their kid to keep those mountains of sugary candy. If you have diabetes in your family, food allergies or other personal concerns, Halloween treats aren’t always welcome.

But what to do with them? The Halloween Candy Buy Back Program has what amounts to, pretty much the perfect solution.

It all started back in 2005 when dentist Chris Kammer of Wisconsin had the idea to get some Halloween candy “off the streets”.


Kammer asked his colleagues if they would participate. He asked them to pay $1/pound for candy that kids brought into their dental offices. The treats were then donated to troops overseas, along with toothbrushes to keep everyone’s oral hygiene on track.

Is it working? Yes. The program has since grown in leaps and bounds. It now operates in partnership with Soldiers’ Angels, a program that sends care packages to American troops abroad.

Over the years, Halloween Candy Buy Back has gathered over 130 tons of sweet treats and participated in sending over 1,000,000 care packages to soldiers.


This year, Kammer states on the program’s website that he expects even more donations than before.

He warns participating dental offices that the event is so popular that, “It is better to be over prepared for the throngs of candy donors than to unexpectedly run out of supplies”.

For the kids, Kammer is recommending dentists give out dollar bills, goody bags with coupons, small prizes and tooth brushes as a reward for turning in their treats.

Of course, they’ll also receive some other, priceless gifts: a friendly reminder about the importance of dental hygiene, and that great feeling you get when you help out others.

To find a participating dental office, click here.

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