Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Summertime Peaches

Don’t Make This Mistake with Your Summertime Peaches

Peaches go hand-in-hand with summer, like perpetually sweating or sand in your shoes.

Their bright flavour is worth the sticky hands, adding sweetness to any summer recipe.

That’s probably why it’s so disappointing biting into a highly-anticipated peach that ends up sour. If you’ve had to toss a rock-hard peach into the trash like we have, then you’ve made the common mistake of buying unripe peaches, too.


Unfortunately, peaches aren’t like other fruits that you can buy unripe and wait until they sweeten up. Once they’re picked from the tree, that’s the flavour profile they’ll have forever, with only the density changing from hard to soft. But it’ll always be stringy and bland.

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So how do you pick the best peaches?

Our advice: Be a produce snob. It’s the only time we advocate snobiness ; first, check the colour and choose the brightest, most vibrant peaches. Then, feel your selections gently. If it’s like holding an apple, pass. The peach should be slightly soft already, and smell amazing to boot.

To find the best peaches, you’re probably best off scouring your local farmer’s market. They’ve likely traveled a shorter distance to you, meaning more time ripening on the tree than sitting in the back of a truck.

When it comes to peaches, the best ones are worth the wait!

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