Dog Yoga and 5 Other Strange Yogas You Should Know About

Dog Yoga and 5 Other Strange Yogas You Should Know About

Dog yoga? Yes, that’s right- yoga with your dog.

This past weekend, a new world record was attempted in dog yoga in Hong Kong, where partners and pets gathered to try to form the biggest dog yoga class ever. 270 pairs of dogs and owners are reported to have practiced yoga for just over half an hour.


The record breaking attempt has yet to be confirmed by the Guinness World Records but Hong Kong organizers are confident the record has been broken.

The strange form of yoga sometimes called ‘Doga’ (dog + yoga), is defined by Wikipedia as form of yoga where, “practitioners seek to achieve a greater harmony with their dogs. Canine acupuncture and chanting are also known to take place within the occasional doga routine.”

Check out these 5 other strange types of yoga.

1) Aerial Yoga


Also called ‘anti-gravity yoga’ this form of exercise takes place in the air, with the participant hanging from a hammock, while entering into yoga poses and performing pilates and dance moves. It is said to have originated in New York City, but is now practiced in various places around the world. Watch your head.

2) Horse Yoga


Much like dog yoga, this one takes place with a participant and their equine friend. According to the, this form of yoga is practiced at the Doma India School in San Luis, Argentina. Horses are said to lie on their backs while handstands are performed on them, in an activity that claims to tame horses and earn their trust and loyalty.

I’ve heard that horses cannot lie down for too long, or they will be prone to reperfusion injury, in which blood flow to certain parts of the horse is prevented, making it hard for the horse to stand up again. How it is safe then to have them lie on their backs like dogs while someone does a handstand on them, remains a question.

In the world of horse yoga though, there is always the other option, in which a participant does yoga moves on their horse while it remains standing. Much more sane.


3) Karaoke Yoga

If you frequently feel the need to sing when you enter a yoga pose, this one maybe be for you. Karaoke yoga is something Jennifer Pastiloff runs in her studio in New York City. Participants sing along as they exercise and stretch, creating an interesting static musical.

4) Yoga Raves


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 According to, “Yoga Rave is a party like none other in the world, a new concept in fun where the body responds only to the stimulation of music, yoga & meditation.” People attend large rave-like gatherings around the world and raise money to bring yoga, meditation, and stress reduction to university campuses and young professionals in need through the YESplus workshop. !

Yoga raves are said to offer a drug free alternative for youth to gather and release their energy and tension.

5) Tantrum Yoga


This has to be my favorite. Tantrum yoga lets you get it all out by screaming your way to better health.

“It’s part yoga. It’s part semantic therapy, it’s park ancestral healing and it’s loads of fun,” said Frank Marino of Newport Beach.

According to a report on, classes include proper yoga breathing, stretching and meditation, and also dance and vocal techniques to “jumpstart joy and good health”. Sounds like a great release, to me.

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