Does Your Teen Like School? They May Be Less Likely to Have Sex

Does Your Teen Like School? They May Be Less Likely to Have Sex

Teenagers: raging hormones, sexy texts, rebellious behavior and secret rendez-vous all come to mind when thinking of this group. Maybe they’re just stereotypes, but it’s true: a lot of teenagers like sex. Or they are thinking about it, at least, which makes for worried parents.

Since a total of 249,078 babies were born to teenage moms in 2014, (an historic low for the U.S but still a lot of babies), it’s understandable why parents are feeling anxious.


But a recent report from Colorado might ease their minds.

A report put out by the advocacy group Colorado Youth Matter last week indicates that getting your adolescent to like school can be an effective bumper against early, unwanted pregnancy.

The report indicates that students who have positive attitudes about school have sex with fewer partners and use more birth control.


According to, the report also found that if teens have someone like a teacher, parent, or relative they feel comfortable talking with about sex, they are likely to delay having sex longer, and will they have fewer partners. Chances are also higher that they will use a condom.

The release of the report follows a recent article published in the New York Times centered around Colorado’s success in reducing teen pregnancy.

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