Does Size Matter? This Study Indicates that it Might Not

Does Size Matter? This Study Indicates that it Might Not

Size matters: that’s the common tag line we’ve all heard a thousand times over in pop culture.

But does it really? A study out of Finland is indicating that personal body image and confidence may play a more important role when it comes to sexual satisfaction in men and women.

In a population-based sample of 9,532 Finnish men and women, age 18 to 49 years, a study published in the International Journal of Sexual Health shows that when it comes to size, a majority of people are actually pleasantly content.

Of the participants surveyed, more than one half of women (54.9%) agreed or somewhat agreed with the statement “I am pleased with the way my vagina looks,” and just under half (49.6%) agreed with the statement “I have attractive breasts.”


For the men, 68.1% of those studied reported being satisfied with the size of their penis.

What else did the researchers find? Perhaps not surprisingly, those who engaged in more sexual behavior were more satisfied with their genitals and reported having better functioning parts, in general.

But does the chicken come before the egg, or vice versa? It’s hard to say if properly functioning and good looking genitals bring more sexual activity to individuals, or if it’s that engaging often in sexy behavior gives people the impression that everything is rolling along, doing fine.

It does seem to make sense that, the more one engages in consensual, pleasure-filled sex, the less likely one would be to want to mess with the engine, so to speak.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” A good mechanic knows this to be true: maybe the Finnish do, too.

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