The Top 10 Signs Someone You Know Has Had Plastic Surgery

The Top 10 Signs Someone You Know Has Had Plastic Surgery

If someone looks too good to be true, perhaps they are! Here are the top 10 signs that someone you know has had plastic surgery.

Have you been wondering about it? Has she had it? Did he lift his eyebrows? Of course you’ve been thinking about it.

When you see someone who looks like they’ve had work done, it’s hard not to wonder what the truth is. Does it matter? No. But don’t you really want to know?

An online post on says there are at least ten telltale signs to look for on a person’s face, that reveal the evidence of plastic surgery.

Maybe it isn’t just the seaweed shakes they’ve been drinking for breakfast or some blessedly generous genetics-check out these 10 signs.

1) The Windswept Look


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These days, doctors use filler and fat grafting in addition to pulling the skin more tightly over the face. In the past, they didn’t, they just pulled and stitched, resulting in a more unnatural look. If your friend looks like he or she has been blown over by a giant vacuum cleaner or caught in a wind tunnel, it could be old school surgery.

2) Wrinkly Ear Lobes


Do they look like it? Sometimes surgeons detach the earlobe from the face and then re-attach it during a procedure. If it’s not done exactly right, it can cause wrinkly earlobes, and the need for more surgery to fix it.

3) Puffy Face


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People who’ve been injected with too much filler. Need we say more. Supposedly, it will wear off in a few months if it’s just fillers, but if it’s fat injections, it would have to be fixed with liposuction.

4) Elf Ear


If the skin is pulled too tight during surgery, the earlobes can sag over time, making them appear longer.

5) Rabbit Nose


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Some people inject Botox into the bridge of the nose to get rid of creases and wrinkles, but this can cause creases to emerge on the sides of the nose when the person smiles or laughs. This apparently, can be fixed with more Botox, or time.

6) Turkey Neck


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No extra skin under your older neighbor’s chin? Surgery alert! Most people over 50 have some.

7) Surprise Party!


CBS News states,

“…if she’s a grandma and her eyes are shut wide open, chances are she’s had a voluntary encounter with a scalpel.” There we are.

8) Angry Face


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Botox can be the cause behind a face that looks slightly angry, all the time. If it’s not done right, injections to the forehead can make the eyebrows look ominous. Take a look- it could be there! Or, maybe the person you’re wondering about has always been naturally almost-angry looking.

9) Guilty Ears


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Truth is, you can’t get a face lift without leaving a permanent scar by each ear.

10) Too Much Lip


On a natural face, the lower lip is usually 50% larger than the upper one. If the lips look too similar in size, it could be the result of silicone injections.

Now that you know the signs, of course, no excuses. You can be sure to be on the lookout-let the games begin.


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