Does Having Sex Count as a Workout? Yes and No.

Does Having Sex Count as a Workout? Yes and No.

You’re sweaty, out of breath, feeling great and can sense muscles were used in places you’d forgotten you had them: you’re in the throws of the post-sex workout high.

But is it one? A workout? The answer is, yes and no. Studies show that having sex can be considered a form of exercise-at least for those who take some time to complete the act- as being in the throws of passion can burn almost as many calories as going for a jog.

While it may seem improbable, consider these findings. To obtain their results, researchers at the University of Quebec, Canada, conducted a study in which heterosexual couples between the ages of 18 and 35 had sex once a week for a month, and also jogged on a treadmill.


The participants’ energy levels were recorded for each activity using armbands to measure energy expenditures. According to the,uk, it was found that on average, men burned 4.2 calories a minute during sex compared with 9.2 on the treadmill, and women burned 3.1 calories a minute during sex, and a total of 7.1 a minute when jogging.

In light of these facts, researchers concluded that engaging in sexual activity for an hour would double participants’ caloric output, bringing it up to the same expenditure as going for a 30-minute jog.

So, having sex IS exercise-however, as an article on points out, it depends on your definition of a workout, when deciding if sex qualifies as something that can replace a daily trip to the gym. Don’t surrender your monthly membership just yet. argues that if you think exercise is something that should change your body’s physiology for the better over time, sex doesn’t really qualify. The reason for this is that we don’t normally engage in lovemaking for long enough or do it often enough to count as a true workout.


But I suppose that depends on the couple. Or, if you’re this guy, who is said to have set a record for engaging in sex for the longest amount of time, ever. Surely he can quit using the rowing machine?

What’s your take? Workout or not, having sex regularly with your partner, I think, is a rewarding part of any healthy romantic relationship, both physically and emotionally. I say it’s like losing weight- don’t think of the numbers, just have fun and jump in.





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