These Are the Details on the New Male Contraceptive Pill

These Are the Details on the New Male Contraceptive Pill

Men many soon have more choice when it comes to holding the power of birth control in their own hands.

A new contraceptive pill for men is in the works. It isn’t on the market yet, but researchers have noted that things look promising.

Women have been taking birth control pills for years, mainly to avoid pregnancy but also for other reasons. And now it seems, the tables may be about to turn.

Researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle are working on the experimental male oral contraceptive called dimethandrolone undecanoate, or DMAU. A study has been completed on the tiny pill, which is to be taken daily and works by lowering levels of testosterone and two other hormones required for sperm production, in men’s bodies.

The end result is that a man will still produce sperm, but not likely enough to make him a good candidate for fatherhood, at least at the moment.

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Is it groundbreaking? Sort of. This pill is reversible and only works when taken with food.

Previous male contraceptive pills have presented a problem because they caused too much liver inflammation, and also needed to be taken twice a day, as they cleared the body too soon to be very effective. This one works differently, researchers say.

One concern that comes to mind for men taking this contraceptive are all the possible side effects associated with having lower testosterone levels. Countering this, scientists say that very few men involved in the study noticed any side effects in connection with having too little or too much testosterone floating around in there.

Time may tell, however, and these results could seem different in real life. (Surely there’s a push to get this product to market, and I’m not saying lies are being spread, but who knows what questions were asked of participants, to come to this conclusion).

For the moment, longer term studies are being done to ensure that this contraceptive works over time.

Looks like some choice may soon be on the way!

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