Crawling, the “New Plank”, is Set to be the Fitness Trend of 2017

Crawling, the “New Plank”, is Set to be the Fitness Trend of 2017

Crawling is being touted as the “improved plank”, and is seen as one of the best new ways to target core strength and “reset” the body.

Weird? Maybe. Effective? Experts claim it is.

Here’s why it works. Fitness experts like Tim Anderson seen in the video below, state that crawling engages the muscles in your core,  tie your entire body together.

It can act as a body reset in terms of walking, as it gets you using your shoulders and hips together again, something that many people have lost in their gait, as adults.

Personal trainer and Lululemon ambassador, Ally Gray, is quoted by The as saying that crawling also helps with endurance and stability in the wrists, shoulders, hips, ankles and toes, while promoting a healthier blood pressure, and providing benefits for your back.

In fact, it’s seen as being so effective that Justin Klein, a chiropractor based in Washington D.C, prescribes it as treatment to almost all of his patients, according

It’s all part of his the faith he puts in Original Strength,– something Anderson is involved with- which is a fitness regime founded in moving as we all did as young children.

Amazingly, the practice is believed to help “reset” everything- not just your walking habits.

Try it for a minute or two, and you might hear your back crack. It’s kind of cool. Somehow, I feel that did do something, as strange as that may seem.

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