Could Social Networking Actually Be a Stress Reliever?

Could Social Networking Actually Be a Stress Reliever?

If you find a good, long scroll through your Twitter feed calming, you may not be the only one as social media might be a way to relieve stress, new research suggests.

Researchers have discovered that there wasn’t a direct link between using certain types of social media and being stressed out, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.

For the study, researchers looked at how using different forms of social media affected levels of stress by surveying 1,801 adults including asking questions related to the level of stress in their lives along with questions about how they use their social media accounts.

The data showed that women who used Twitter, email and photo sharing felt less stressed than other women. Any stress or fear of missing out is counter-balanced by the social benefits that are gained from staying connected, the researchers believe.

The report also addressed how people might be affected as far as anxiety and stress when possibly comparing themselves to other’s social media postings.  While specific types of social media such as Twitter and Instagram can lead to less stress, the researchers also discovered that Facebook could be a major cause of stress.

So as you’re catching up on today’s “news” on your social feeds this morning, keep in mind that all those posts, whether happy or sad, can and do have an effect on your mood.



Sources: Pew Research Center
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