Combat the Evils of Aging with Fish Collagen

Combat the Evils of Aging with Fish Collagen

Fish collagen is a complex protein responsible for the strength and flexibility of the skin.

It’s a Type I collagen, meaning it oversees the vitality of many areas of the body: joints, ligaments, bones, muscles, tendons, gums, nails, eyes, blood vessels and hair.

Of all members of the animal kingdom, fish is the most coveted of collagen sources. This is due to the smaller collagen peptides fish harbour, therefore giving them the best bioavailability and absorption rate compared to other animal collagens (1.5x more efficient).


As we mentioned above, collagen affords a number of benefits to the body, but one that’s particularly intriguing is its affects on aging.

A study published by the Open Nutraceuticals Journal showed how hydrolyzed fish collagen’s low molecular weight peptides allows the human body to easily digest and distribute the protein in the body. This led to reduced wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, and better hydration.

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The study concludes that because of fish collagen peptides’ ability to easily be absorbed, it’s more effective at reducing visible signs of aging.

As an added bonus, the researchers found fish collagen promoting bone healing and regeneration in the body. So, fish not only helps with the outward effects of aging, but the inside, too; fish collagen increases bone mineral density and exerts anti-inflammatory properties, keeping the body protected from osteoarthritis and other bone-degenerative diseases.

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