Why are Chia Seeds Oh So Good For Your Health?

Why are Chia Seeds Oh So Good For Your Health?

If you’re not a mole person or live under a rock, you must’ve noticed chia seeds’ rise from the streets to a serious superfood.

Its rapid ascent on the food nutritional scale is justified: the miniature, round seeds are brimming with protein (4 grams an ounce!), and omega-3 fatty acids, which enhance heart health.

More and more people are using chia seeds as a healthy protein alternative, adding them to oatmeal, smoothies, or avocado toast (the veggie version). Hipsters swear by trendy chia seed pudding, if you’re into that kind of thing (a hipster): mix some chia seeds with almond or dairy-free milk, creating a gel-like consistency that’s sort of kind of almost close to pudding. Top with cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, or other natural sweeteners for a satisfying, low-carb breakfast.


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But we digress – so what does make chia seeds just so good for you?

Studies suggest eating chia seeds lowers blood pressure and cholesterol; just a single serving offers 10 grams of fiber, a hit of iron for energy, and 18% of your daily calcium.

If you’re not into the aforementioned chia seed pudding, you could try this chia chai pudding that’s good for breakfast or dessert:

  • Boil a cup of almond milk. When it starts bubbling, remove from heat.
  • Add three chai tea bags to the milk for that signature flavour.
  • After letting the tea bags steep for about five minutes, whisk together a half cup of chia seeds, half a cup of yogurt, and half a cup of almond milk into the cooled tea mixture.
  • Cover the ‘pudding’, and put it in the fridge to let sit for at least four hours, or overnight.

You’re done! Your simple, filling, ready-to-devour omega-3 packed breakfast is ready!

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