Certain Social Situations have Higher Calories than Others

Certain Social Situations have Higher Calories than Others

When you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, you know what you’re getting into.

But what about other social gatherings, where you’re surrounded in calories, and don’t even realize it?

Here are five high-calories social situations to be mindful of:

The Office Birthday Party

Shelly from accounting insists on a gooey, fudgy chocolate monstrosity of a cake every year for her birthday.


Next time, suggest fruit platters for the party, or everyone can bring their own portion-limited treat instead. Or, you can avoid being the party pooper, and politely eat healthily in advance of the festivities.

The Potluck Dinner

Littered with high-calories choices, bring a veggie-based soup, salad, or some fruit, for the good of everyone at the table. Try to resist the urge to nibble on everything, too.

And don’t forget: the calories in alcoholic beverages – even wines – can add up. Fast.

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The County Fair

With concessions at every stand, a county fair’s food choices are rarely good for you. Fried doughs, hot dogs, cotton candy, the list goes on.


Go the fair on a full stomach, and bring snacks for when you get…snacky. If you must indulge, practice portion control, like sharing a single serving amongst your friends!

The Mall

You can’t escape all the oversized cinnamon buns and giant ice creams at the mall. So if you’re there around lunch or dinner, make a beeline to the salad bar!

The Game (Live or At Home)

Getting drawn into a close game can lead to mindless munching. Again, try to fill up as your amateur pre-game ritual, or bring your own healthy snacks. If you’re going to a live game, plan a meal before or after with your friends, which will save your wallet, and your waistline!

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