Cellphones: Can You Really Stop Your Own Distracted Driving?

Cellphones: Can You Really Stop Your Own Distracted Driving?

The power is in your hands, by making these simple decisions and using available tools.

The words of the National Safety Council ring true: “Almost everyone has seen a driver distracted by a cell phone, but when you are the one distracted, you often don’t realize that driver is you.”

Sometimes, we make the wrong decision- and the results can be serious. Each year, thousands of people die in car crashes needlessly caused by someone using a cell phone while driving.

Experts say that while hands-free devices are preferable to those you need to hold on to, to use, they’re far from perfect. Even hands-free devices have been proven to distract the human mind long after you’ve used them. The best solution seems to be no use…but those devices are tempting, aren’t they?

So, how can you protect yourself against the prying tentacles of technology? Take certain steps.

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Experts advise that you create space. Build a physical distance between yourself and your device. Put it in the glove compartment. Place it in your purse or bag, and toss it in the back seat, until you reach your destination.

Alternately, turning your phone off completely whenever you enter your vehicle as a driver can also work.

Taking steps to download an app that prevents cell phone use while driving is also a great idea. LifeSaver, AT&T DriveMode and TrueMotion Family are all good examples.

All it takes is seconds to cause an accident. Be a part of the solution.

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