Canadians Are Seeking These Medical Treatments in the U.S

Canadians Are Seeking These Medical Treatments in the U.S

Canada’s medical system is good, but it could be better.

It may seem like friends and family in Canada have it all. If you don’t live with things like public healthcare and long maternity leave, it can seem like a hand-out paradise.

But many Canadians will tell you, these perks are wonderful but they do come at a cost. Taxes are high in Canada. Higher than those found in the United States.

Opportunities abound but when it comes to careers, they are often far fewer than those present down south. (Canada’s population is about the size of California’s).

And depending on the job, salaries can be lower, and the cost of living much higher. Just visit the local Canadian mall, get some gas in Ontario or check out, and you’ll see. (Or venture up to Canada’s far north. This is where store prices will actually knock you to your knees!)

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So, subsidized healthcare could be seen as a trade-off. And while it does sound far better than having to die of cancer because your insurance company wouldn’t cover your treatment, the reality is that not all medical procedures are available to Canadians when they feel they need it. Wait times can be long.

According to The Fraser Institute, a Canadian right-wing think tank, more than an estimated 63,000 Canadians traveled abroad for medical care in 2016.

What were they seeking?

Nearly 9,500 patients are reported to have traveled abroad for general surgeries, 6,400 left for urology treatments and about 5,000 were seeking procedures such as colonoscopies and angiographies, which are an examinations of your veins and arteries.

Is this a reason to privatize healthcare in Canada? No. But the system certainly needs an upgrade. Or at the very least, a thorough study as to why people are venturing elsewhere.

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