Can This Digital Bra Actually Improve Your Running Performance?

Can This Digital Bra Actually Improve Your Running Performance?

How many steps did you take today? What, you didn’t count them? Awful. Because, really, you know you have no excuse. From sports watches to activity trackers, to the plethora of exercise apps now available on our phones, the options we have for tracking our physical movement seem to be growing like rabbits.

You’d probably actually have to be living in a hole with efficient Ikea blinds tightly drawn to not have access to at least one of these new fangled gadgets.

What, that’s you? Well, no worries: you can jump on this next bandwagon, then, because here it comes.

Ladies, (sorry guys), you’ll be pleased to know there is now another way to measure your life. And it’s all about your breasts (surprise, surprise). It’s called the digital OMbra from OMsignal.


The OMbra is a sports bra that uses patent-pending sensor technologies to capture the body’s “deepest signals”.

This suggestively fluorescent (boob) wearable system streams data to a user’s mobile device, providing movers and shakers with accurate heart rate measurements and updated information on breathing rhythms.


Tell us more? OK. The bra is described by the company as a “digital coaching experience” that comes with OMrun, a “deeply personalized running app for women.”


What does the app do? It determines an appropriate intensity level for each person using it so that they can experience “optimal progress and fat burning results.” Because that is ultimately why all women run: to burn fat.

Ok, so maybe I’m picky. So maybe this is the next big thing. It really could be. I’ll bite my tongue. Perhaps this digital sportsbra is so absolutely amazing to wear that it’s unforgettable. Even better than wearing a perfect-fitting large cotton thong under a sundress on breezy day.

But really, here is the true news: it may have taken USD$10-million for OM to produce this wearable but believe it or not, get this. You can take your pulse. On your own.

This is how:

Start your workout and then pause. Jog on the spot and take a breather for a moment. And then, take two of your own priceless fingers and hold them to your neck. Just like this.

Woman Taking Pulse Image_998_380

Put your eyes on your watch.

Look at that timepiece. Intently. Count how many times your heart beats under your fingers over a period of twenty seconds. Twenty small seconds.

Multiply this number by three. This is your heart rate per minute.

What can you do with these digits? Check out a chart like this, and memorize your target heart rate. It’s about two numbers to remember: not that hard, right? (Or bookmark it on your laptop, and check it every day just to make sure. Eventually it’s bound to stick).

Hit this mark when you work out. Have your heart beat somewhere between these two numbers- your target range- to keep you healthy, every time. That’s it. All there is to it.

Or, for about $140USD, ($189CAN), you could try out this new bra. Wiggle-wiggle and a-giggle. Happy jogging.

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