Can Mangoes Really Save the World from a Pending Chocolate Shortage?

Can Mangoes Really Save the World from a Pending Chocolate Shortage?

Mangoes might save the world from its chocolate shortage: this is the latest news from a corner of the food and nutrition world. How the two very different foods come together as a superhero isn’t totally straightforward, but it’s worth a look.

It’s like this: some sources say that the world is running out of cocoa. Failed crops, global warming and a growing global market can all be added up to total a chocolate crisis. It’s true some say the findings are exaggerated, but there does, however, seem to be consensus on the fact that chocolatiers are currently having to do more with less. They’re having to stretch their chocolate coating a few inches further.

And so, this news out of Bangor University in Wales about the versatility of mangoes is being welcomed.

CNN is reporting that researchers from Bangor have found wild mango butter to be so close to cocoa butter in its chemical and physical make-up that it could actually act as a suitable replacement.

The study was published in Scientific Reports, an open-access journal published by the same people who publish Nature, and it doesn’t say that mangoes can essentially make chocolate, but that mango butter could potentially become a Cocoa Butter Improver. (Cocoa butter is an essential ingredient in making chocolate.)

Hopefully life won’t come to having to rely on substitutions to make more of the wonderful brown stuff.

But if it does, thank you to mangoes for being willing to step up to the plate, and saving humanity from never having another KitKat to pass onto the next generation. Ten more points on the score board.

Photo Credit: SAM THOMAS A/Shutterstock

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