Bullying: How to Spot the Signs and Know If Your Kid is a Victim

Bullying: How to Spot the Signs and Know If Your Kid is a Victim

Damaged clothing and electronics, a disinterest in school, and falling grades are all warning signals.

It’s amazingly sad but true. A highschool student in Hamilton, Canada was stabbed to death this month at school in front of his mother, on school property, while others filmed it on cell phones. No one stepped into stop it. It was the ultimate act of bullying.

The student, Devan Selvey, had been an on-going target for bullies since the beginning of the school year, and while his mother had informed school authorities of the problems, they persisted. The result was this extremely unfair and shocking death.

Thankfully, most parents will never have to deal with this. But many students face some level of bullying at school on a daily basis.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, one in five high school students reported being bullied on school property in the last year. How can you protect your child?

You can’t be everywhere at all times, but there are some signs to look for, to help your child. Experts say that not all children and youth who are bullied show the traditional signs, but many do.

If your child has unexplained injuries, loses their clothing, books, jewelry or electronics or has them damaged, they could be targets the CDC states. Frequent headaches and stomach aches, feeling sick or pretending to be, having nightmares and trouble sleeping, suffering from declining grades and having a losing interest in school work and school in general are all signs that something is going that should be looked into and dealt with. Talk with the staff at school and your child. You can prevent it from escalating, and help your child thrive as they deserve.

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