Why Britney Spears is in a Wellness Facility Getting Help

Why Britney Spears is in a Wellness Facility Getting Help

Stress in the family is making her reach out for support.

If you’re a Britney fan you’ve already heard the news: she’s gone into hiding. She’s being held against her will. This lady has hit the highway and all is lost.

Are the rumors true? Your guess is as good as mine. Very likely, no, they aren’t. Celebrity news in the tabloids is well known for its sensationalism, and so I’m going with a pretty firm ‘hmm’.

Here’s what we do know: Spears has been visiting a wellness center in order to take a break from her daily life. For the moment, her residency in Las Vegas, “Britney: Domination” has been put on hold.

Britney’s father, with whom she’s reported to be quite close, has been going through some dramatic health difficulties. No doubt this has affected his daughter. He recently suffered a life-threatening colon rupture, and underwent emergency surgery.

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Mr. Spears seems to be recovering well, and was spotted heading out fishing on his own, on April 23rd, which is good news.

What’s started the online firestorm? Likely the fact that, not only is Britney’s Vegas show not on-big news- but she has a history of mental health issues. Rumours float that she suffers from bi-polar disorder.

Spears is obviously talented and able to keep things under control when receiving and accepting appropriate treatment. Such sudden news of a family member facing a near-death experience is enough to put anyone in a difficult spot.

So, she’s taking some time out for her mental health. Excellent stuff. So should we all.

Statistics show that nearly 1 in five adults in the United States lives with a mental illness. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, only half of these receive treatment.

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