Bottled Canadian Air is Selling Out in China

Bottled Canadian Air is Selling Out in China

As Beijing’s smoggy air thickens in unprecedented amounts, a new product hailing from Canada is selling like hot cakes in China. Pressurized canisters of H2O sourced from the Canadian Rocky Mountains is providing Chinese buyers with momentary breaths of fresh air.

Sounds too crazy to be true? It’s happening. Users simply place the mask to their face and release the air, inhaling. The product is said to provide about 150 doses, or breaths per bottle, and comes in two flavors: Banff and Lake Louise.

Users are saying that after using it repeatedly, their throats feel better, getting some temporary relief from the constant pollution.

This comes as no real surprise as recent photos of China’s polluted air show smog filled skylines so thick they almost look painted.

This past Christmas Eve, air pollution was so bad in China that the airport in Beijing cancelled 227 departures due to excessive smog. And it isn’t an isolated incident.

Over the past year, the capital city of 21.5 million has declared two red alerts for citizens, warning people to stay inside, and issued school closures, traffic restrictions and factory operation limits in light of the badly dirty air.

And so, for consumers with the extra cash, grabbing a hold of a can of air fresh from Canada has its appeal. The ethereal product is being produced by a Canadian start-up, Vitality Air.

Canisters range from $20 CAN for one can of Banff Air, to $59 CAN for a twin pack.

Scary to think, but will bottled air be the next bottled water?




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