Beware of ‘Male Enhancement’ Gum, FDA warns

Beware of ‘Male Enhancement’ Gum, FDA warns

America’s Food and Drug Administration has put consumers on alert to avoid a “male enhancement” product that contains a hazardous drug ingredient.

Wonder-Erect Male Gum, available wildly online, including, was confirmed to contain vardenafil, according to a laboratory analysis by the FDA. The product doesn’t say mention the drug on the ingredients label.

Vardenafil is the key ingredient in the prescription drug Levitra, used to treat erectile dysfunction. While Levitra is FDA approved, vardenafil can be harmful when combined with nitrates, which are typically found in other drugs that men around that age might take – eg. treating diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease. Since consumers aren’t aware of the presence of the drug in the gum, they’re at risk of unknowingly mixing the two drugs together.

When mixed with nitrates, vardenafil can cause blood pressure to plummet to dangerous levels.

This adds to the FDA’s increasing concerns of over-the-counter products, frequently marketed as dietary supplements, containing hidden ingredients that could be harmful. Diet pills, for example, that’re sold online have also been linked to complications, and in the most extreme cases, death, in recent years.

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