The Best Fast Food Veggie Burgers

The Best Fast Food Veggie Burgers

Veggie burgers are in style, but not all are created equal.  Here are some of the best.

Fast food isn’t what it used to be. Sure, you can still buy a classic burger and fries without ever leaving your car, but now it’s all about choice.

Foodies know that veggie burgers are where it’s at. Those who eat them can save on their waist line and treat the planet to break at the same time. As more people turn to vegetarianism and being vegan, entrepreneurs are cashing in, and if you look in the right place, you can now order a decent veggie burger that’s as healthy as your backyard vegetable garden.

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Here are 6 fast food veggie burgers you certainly don’t want to miss:

1) Denny’s Build Your Own Burger


Denny’s serves its delectable veggie burger by using Amy’s Burgers as the patty for the Build Your Own Burger. The bun is vegan (great!) and the whole thing comes with spinach, tomato, mushrooms and an extra side of vegetables. Delicious and a nice surprise, coming from such a large national eatery.

2) Burger King Veggie Burger


Burger King has had a veggie burger on its menu for quite some time now, and it’s worth a look. The burger uses MorningStar Farms’ veggie patty, and combines vegetables and grains in a burger topped with the usual lettuce, tomato, mayo and onions.

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3) Red Robin Garden Burger


Red Robin’s veggie offerings are as good as they come. The Garden Burger is topped with Country Dijon sauce, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce and comes on a whole grain bun, unlike some of the others in this list. If you’re vegan you can check out Red Robin’s BOCA Original Vegan Burger as well, if you haven’t already done so.

4) Rock Bottom Veggie Burger


Beans! If you love bean burgers, this one’s a good bet. Rock Bottom’s Veggie Burger is made of black beans and rolled oats and comes topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion and chipotle mayo. Yum.

5) TGI Fridays Black Bean Burger


OK, so this one isn’t true fast food as you have to sit down and order to get it, but as far as paying someone else to cook a veggie burger for you and wash up, this one counts.

TGI Friday’s makes a great Sedona Black Bean Veggie Burger that is said to be “extremely flavorful”, which might be due in part to the fact that it comes with avocado. Yes, avocado!

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It also has the normal lettuce, tomato, balsamic onion, cheese and chipotle mayonnaise to accompany it.

6) White Castle’s Veggie Slider


White Castle may not be a bastion of gourmet food, but they do have some good choices. The “new” veggie sliders (they came out in 2014) have been released “Following rave reviews during testing in New York and New Jersey”.

For just 99 cents each, who can go wrong?

Even if you’re not a sworn vegetarian or vegan, these burgers offer a great break from the traditional. No need to cook for meatless Mondays!

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