Avoid These 6 Triggers for Rosacea

Avoid These 6 Triggers for Rosacea

 A windy day and a glass of wine could cause your red patches to flare up, experts say.

Rosacea is a chronic, uncomfortable form of skin inflammation that typically targets your face. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it affects about 14 million people in the U.S, most between the ages of 30 and 50 years old. While it’s not something everyone suffers through, there is a sizeable pocket of the population that does.

As with many health problems, the condition is a bit mysterious.  It’s caused by multiple factors, genetics being one of them, as identified by researchers at Stanford University in 2015.

But left untreated, rosacea is no hidden scoundrel. It can damage your skin and cause permanent scarring. The condition is incurable and when a bad flare up hits, it can be embarrassing and painful. 

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How can you limit the illness? If you have it, experts from the Mayo Clinic advise you stay away from the midday sun, and limit your exposure to wind.

Wear sunscreen. Don’t rub or touch your face if you can avoid it.  Use a good quality facial moisturizer frequently. If you can, avoid extremes like stress, spicy foods, hot drinks and alcohol, (especially red wine which is said to be a solid trigger).

Your doctor may recommend you see a dermatologist for treatment if you’re suffering. They may also mention alternative treatments such as facial massage to bring down the swelling, if you have some.

For more information on the condition, click here.

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