Are You Breathing Dangerous Air? These Experts Say It’s Likely

Are You Breathing Dangerous Air? These Experts Say It’s Likely

Most of the world’s population is living in pollution that’s bad for lungs, this study says.

It may seem like the air outside your window is probably just fine. And maybe it is.

According to a recent study done by the Health Effects Institute however, it likely isn’t. Almost all the world’s population is living in air that’s unsafe to breathe. Yikes. The study states that 95% of the world’s population breathes ‘unsafe air’ that doesn’t meet the levels set out by the World Health Organization.

Who is hardest hit? The worst air is falling on the poorest communities around the world. And the gap between those with the best air and those living in the worst is rapidly growing.

Back in 1990 the distance was deemed a 6-fold gap, and today the report indicates it’s grown to be 11-fold, almost double.

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Around the world, air quality tends to be worse in developing countries. More traditional sources of fuel are still used, for both indoor and outdoor use, in developing areas and so pollution is higher. In contrast, more developed countries have often already been down that road and then cleaned up their act, so to speak.  Those countries that are just seeking new economic growth now however, are going through the old cycle.

To learn more about the areas in the U.S with the best (and worst) air, click here. For tips on ensuring the air inside your home is as clean as it can be, check out these simple solutions and breathe easy.

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