Are You An Extroverted or Introverted Lover?

Are You An Extroverted or Introverted Lover?

You can’t change how you’re wired, but being able to explain it to your partner with the help of some labels, can help to celebrate your traits.

Humans are complex. We can’t simply categorize ourselves as being only one thing or another. “Are you an extrovert or an introvert?” Sometimes it’s not that simple. And when it comes to love, personality types and individual taste can make for many differences in choice.

But knowing how you generally operate in the world and what you like best- and being able to articulate that to a partner- can make for an easier route towards happiness.

How do you like your love? Check out these typical traits of introverts and extroverts in romance. If you’re open to it, share them with your partner. They might find it enlightening!

Extroverts in Love:

Introverted lovers have sex less often than their extroverted counterparts.

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1) Have Sex More Often

According to psychologist Brian Little, extroverts tend to have more sex than introverts. Extroverted people have almost double the amount of sex, when compared with introverts.

The numbers aren’t staggering, but on average extroverted men and women report having sex about 6 times a month, compared with introverts who report engaging in coitus just 3 times monthly.

2) May Have More Partners

In the quest for maximum social interaction, extroverts are reported to have more sexual partners than introverts. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re cheating in the relationship if they’re paired with an introvert, but they may have more sexual experience to bring to the table, which can be both a good thing and a bad one.

Does it matter and is anyone counting? Not really.

Introverted lovers have sex less often than their extroverted counterparts.

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3) Prefer Busty, Nude Playboy Types

This may sound stereotypical but extroverted men are said to prefer women with large breasts, who like showing off their bodies. Yes, cue the eye roll. Is this really a negative trait, though?

You could say they just like “enjoying women”.  Hans Eysenck author of “Introverts, Extroverts, and Sex” comments on the difference on

4) They’ll Want to Talk About It

Since extroverts recharge their internal battery by bouncing their persona off of others, as their partner, you could become their preferred target.

If you’re an introvert and are not used to so much sharing, take the opportunity as a chance to learn about your partner by getting them share what they prefer in love, and what they’d rather leave at the curb.

Introverts in Love

Introverted lovers have sex less often than their extroverted counterparts.

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1) Have Sex Less Frequently

As mentioned above, introverts have about half the amount of sex, when compared to extroverts. What if you have one of both in a relationship? Maybe the chips fall somewhere in between.

2) May Attribute More Meaning to It

Extroverts have more sex, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it holds less meaning for them. However, since introverts are known to be more sensitive, deep feelers, it’s possible that these guys may be attributing more meaning to each meeting than their counterparts.

3) Prefer Less Flesh

In the study quoted above conducted by Hans Eysenck, introverted heterosexual males, for better or for worse, were found to prefer their women modest, thin, fully clothed and with smaller breasts.


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4) Will Give You Quiet Time

Whether you like it or not, an introverted lover will likely give you plenty of quiet time when you’re together.

Since introverts are known to rejuvenate when they’re by themselves, you might find them retreating to a small corner of your home, without notice, every once and a while.

If it leaves you feeling lonely, it’s the perfect time to use your large social network and call up a friend to hang out.

Or, take some time to investigate your own inner side with a walk or some reading. You might be surprised at what you find.

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