Are  Women More Likely to Have a Same Sex Partner than Men?

Are Women More Likely to Have a Same Sex Partner than Men?

Do you feel like you know more bisexual women than men?

A study done earlier this year shows that this may not simply be a feeling, but the case.

Research conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics came up with results that showed women under the age of 45 are “three times as likely to report same-sex intimacy as men.”



Really? Really. In a report on CBS News, Stephanie Sanders, an associate director of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University, had a plausible explanation for this difference between the sexes.

“The visibility and recognition of bisexuality as a sexual orientation has been growing recently, particularly among younger people. Research suggests that the women may have been more likely to label themselves as lesbians in the past and are more likely to use the bisexual label now,” said Sanders.

In addition to that though, it could be the case that more women actually are bisexual, when compared with men.


In fact a study done in England goes one step further to claim that ALL women are actually bisexual or gay, but hardly ever straight in their actual orientation.

Believable? The study to prove this controversial statement was led by Dr. Gerulf Rieger from the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex, and it had 345 women of varying sexual orientations watch a series of videos with sexual content, while their biological responses were measured.

Researchers quantified things like pupil dilation and blood flow to the genitals to make their conclusions.

And after watching all the kinky porno, it was found by the team that, on average, women who identified as heterosexuals were completely aroused by videos of both men and women, while women who identified as lesbians were a lot more attracted to the images of women than of men.


So, it could be the case that many women in this world are simply lying about their sexual preferences and have put themselves in relationships that aren’t true to their core instincts.

Maybe, although likely not. It just seems improbably. The study also noted that sexual attraction can be a complicated thing, possibly leading women’s sexual responses to vary a lot more than men’s.

It could be the influence of all those objectified images of women in the media on women’s psyche-simple, that’s my guess.

As an article on stated, “unlike men, a woman’s sexual attraction may be less affected by a partner’s sex and more influenced by cultural and social factors; these factors include relationship history, educational experiences, religious beliefs and cultural assimilation. As a result of this, a woman’s sexual attitude may vary far more than a man’s…”

Or maybe women are just more creative in their sexual vision- what do you think, men?

An interesting topic to bring up with your girlfriends, partners and wives in that small lull in the conversation as you try to decide what to watch on Netflix this Saturday night. Just sayin’.


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