Are There Really Pig’s Eyeballs in Your Hotdogs? Here’s the Answer

Are There Really Pig’s Eyeballs in Your Hotdogs? Here’s the Answer

Hotdogs are delicious but everyone’s got their own story to tell when it comes to what’s really in them.

Ever had someone tell you their version of what hot dogs are really made of, only to swear you’ll never eat one again? Join the club.

The good news is that one of America’s favorite foods isn’t actually made of pigs eye balls and guts. Since July is National Hot Dog Month in the U.S , we decided to help set the record straight.

According to the all important National Hot Dog and Sausage Council of the country, your hot dogs are actually made of ‘select trimmings of beef and/or pork, which is then cut into small pieces and placed in a mixer. (If you’re eating chicken or turkey dogs, the stuff is coming from the bird, obviously).

Everything is then mixed together at high speed with stainless steel blades. Yum. (Consistency is key). It’s then stuffed into a casing, and stuck in a smokehouse to cook-the kind of wood being used can affect the flavor- and when that’s all done, the wieners are doused in cold water, and in some case, the casings are stripped away.

Then we’re onto packaging and refrigerating before shipping everything to a store near you.

Still curious about what else is going in there, besides meat? Click here to check out a full list of ingredients that commonly land in your hotdogs accompanied by a description. There’s everything from ascorbic acid to soy protein, sorbitol and phosphates.

Now you know.

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