Apple’s New Watch App Encourages You to Breathe

Apple’s New Watch App Encourages You to Breathe

At their Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday, Apple announced a new app that’ll come pre-installed to upcoming Apple Watch devices.

The app brings a new perspective to health. Rather than focusing on exercising, diets, and performance numbers, the new tech is focused on improving your breathing.

Now, that sounds kind of silly – you’ve been breathing for years, why would you need an app to educate you on that? You’re a breathing expert; case in point, you’re probably breathing right now.

The app – appropriately named ‘Breathe’ – is more than that. It improves your daily health by guiding you through 1-5 minute breathing exercises over the course of a day. Apple’s Watch will send notifications when it’s time to perform the exercises, ensuring your body is optimally oxygenated throughout your day.

Once the notification pops, just tap to Start. The watch will walk you through the breathing exercise in real time, with heart rate and breathing info displayed after the short ‘workout’. The data shows you how your breathing is affecting your body – again, in real time – and how your heart rate interacts with your breathing habits.

A neat additional feature to keep you focused on the exercise, the Breathe app will play soft animations on the screen, as well as gently tap your wrist.

Breathe is the only major health-based feature added to the watchOS 3, Apple’s latest, upcoming reiteration of their smartwatch.

Medical experts have advocated for deep-breathing exercises and their associated health benefits for a long time. Deep breathing relieves stress, and can be a boon to a person’s cardiovascular system. Focusing on consistent breathing can also alleviate anxiety, and other less severe mental health issues.

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