Activist Uses Plants to Provide Oxygen for his Home

Activist Uses Plants to Provide Oxygen for his Home

Environmental activist Kamal Meattle has created a localized solution to polluted air.

He’s found specific three plants that efficiently convert carbon dioxide to oxygen: the Areca Palm, Mother-in-law’s Tongue and the Money Plant.

Meattle worked towards this natural solution after being diagnosed with lung deterioration while living in New Delhi. He wanted to figure out how to live in a polluted city while keeping clean, and it seems he’s found his answer.

Placing each of the three plants throughout the home in abundance (4-8 of them), you could live in an air-sealed room and still have unlimited oxygen to live on. The oxygen-creating plants provide other benefits, too; the money plant can pull formaldehydes and other volatile chemicals out of the air.

Adding these three plants to your home can give you a boost of energy if you’re feeling lethargic. Deep breaths!

Photo Credit: ABO PHOTOGRAPHY/Shutterstock

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