Gift-Stumped? Here’s Are 8 of Amazon’s Best Selling Health Care Products

Gift-Stumped? Here’s Are 8 of Amazon’s Best Selling Health Care Products

Still buying gifts? Consider healthcare products, and bestsellers on Amazon.

Everyone buys healthcare products. From soap to dental floss and foot massagers, there’s always something you need. In fact, you probably know exactly what that is, and already have a working list of staple items you know work best for you.

And so, you know what you like to buy, but what about everyone else? Now you can find out what’s in their medicine cabinet….and maybe get it as a gift.

Here are 8 of’s current best selling healthcare products:

1) Humidifier


The Ultrasonic Cool Mist Premium humidifier is a top seller on Amazon’s bestselling healthcare product list.

Since we’re getting into the depths of dry winter days and nights, this makes sense.

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With a 71% rate of 5-star customer satisfaction, and well over 3,500 client reviews, the Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier is said to be “Great for small to medium sized room(s) (nursery, bedroom, office, den to about 200 sq. ft)” but “*not* enough for… larger rooms (like a) living room, dining room or kitchen.”

2) Electronic Foot File


Well over 9,000 people have reviewed this foot file by Amope, and so it must have something going for it.

Customers rave that, “The cost is about…one trip to a salon to get a pedicure, but you can treat your feet way more that once,” and “I have bought another brand of (an) almost identical product but the motor was so weak it’s not worth spending money (on) other similar looking pedis. I highly recommend this product!”

Get salon-smooth feet for a fraction of the price, just in time for the holidays.

3) Wet Wipes for Adults


This never occurred to me but now they seem like a great invention. Cottonelle’s FreshCare flushable cleansing cloths are a bestseller on Amazon and it seems like those who try them just can’t seem to go back.

Warnings: They might not be so great for the environment, and methylisothiazolinone is one of the unlisted ingredients, (listed only by Costco). It’s something that can cause rashes.

The final say: Some say that the cloths break down in the sewer system and cause no problems, others have had worse experiences-but all agree that by using these, you are “wiping your butt with the best”.

4) Electronic Heating Pad


The Sunbeam Xpress Heat heating pad sounds very enticing for these cold winter months.

With over 6,000 customer reviews and a 72% 5-star rating response, this product is doing well.

What are customers complaining about? Some had the controller overheat and melt. Yikes. And others had the whole thing fail to work after a short time.

What do people love? It can run continuously, many have had no problems, and it’s pliable and soft.

 5) Antibacterial Bandages


Bandages keep bacteria out simply by being a barrier over your cut, and apparently you can now go one step further.

Curad’s has an antibacterial pad that can also help prevent infection.

Not to be used on sensitive skin, and available in assorted colors.

6) Shiatsu Pillow


Seriously, who doesn’t want a personal massage pillow? The Zyllion ZMA-13-BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat uses 4 deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes to relax and remove tension from tired muscles.

Here’s proof that it works:

“I got it as a gift for my mom since she works retail and is on the floor all day. I made the mistake of taking it out of the box to test it out and now I don’t want to give it to her. The heating is just right and it’s nice it switches the direction of the massaging after a few minutes. Lower back, back, shoulders, neck, it was awesome!”

7) Pain Relief Medication


Pain relief can be hard to come by, especially if you’re looking to stay off prescription medication and treat long term pain. Penetrex is a product that is trying to fill this gap.

With a whopping 14, 678 reviews at the time of this writing, this product claims to provide users with “immediate, lasting, healing relief” for a very wide list of ailments.

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It promises a 100% money-back guarantee, and uses a breakthrough formula to heal and repair, not mask, pain.

Skeptical? Make your own decision by checking it out.

8) Hand Held Scalp Massager


These things are ridiculous and fabulous. Hard to describe until you’ve tried one.

Somehow this somewhat simple invention can send the most amazing shivers down your spine, with a few pieces of metal.

Looking for a gift for the un-giftable? GET THIS. Warning though- it doesn’t always work on tightly coiled hair.

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Here’s a top review:

“The law of diminishing returns does not apply to this product. It is every bit as euphoria-inducing as it is the first time you use it. Never before or since have I felt such serenity as I do when stroking my cranium with this majestic apparatus. A worldwide fundraising project to provide every man, woman and child one of these is the clear way to world peace.”

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