7 Weird Devices to Help You Sleep Better

7 Weird Devices to Help You Sleep Better

We all could use a little more sleep and advice abounds: drink warm milk before hitting the hay, don’t use your computer, tablet or phone or other glowing screen too close to bedtime, and keep your bedroom free of clutter and only sleep there, ie: don’t do your bills in bed.

But have you seen the latest sleeping devices?

Here are seven of them. Personally, I like the hook from Japan that allows you to sleep while standing on the subway. For real.

1) The Sleep Sensor


This sleeping device monitors your sleep and wakes you up at the best time during your sleep cycle. For me, the best time to wake up is when I am done sleeping. But I’ll admit- sometimes I feel sluggish, even after a solid night’s sleep.

2) The Dohm Sound Machine

dohm sound machine

If you need to block out unwanted noise around you (like tons of snoring, or that bus that goes by 24/7), then the Dohm sound machine is your friend.

Drawbacks are reported to include having no timer, no volume control and being too quiet for some while too loud for others.

Sounds like drawbacks for the picky at heart though, and that it’s possibly a very useful product.

3) The Japanese Sleeping Hook

japanese sleeping hook

This one rocks. There is little info out there in English about this sleeping device but the photo speaks for it itself. It looks like you harness your head in and doze off on your way home.

I’ve got to say though, I guess Japan must be a very trusting nation, because I’d be worried that the guy beside me was going to reach in and grab my wallet while I’m sleeping standing up on a hook.

And the second thing I have to wonder is, what inspired the need?? Were commuters rolling around in the aisles, distracting their neighbors with their sleep apnea? Maybe what those commuters really needed is #7. Yes, if you want to know, read on.

4) Pillow Head

sleeping pillow

This device also rocks. Whether this is a functional device or not is up for grabs but it does look like it would effectively block out the young teenage girls on the train gabbing about the guys in class and telling us all who posted what on Instagram that afternoon.

Why the padding? In case those teens accidentally sit on your head.

5) Sleeping Mask


This one is actually more commonly used than you’d think. If you’re a loud snorer, or someone in your house is, you might benefit from using it.

The mask is attached to a breathing machine which helps to force more air into your lungs while you sleep. For those with sleep apnea- a condition in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts during the night-this could be a game changer. Sleep apnea can be a serious condition, as it can cause heart conditions and other problems. The machine can do wonders.

Drawbacks include looking like an elephant while you sleep, and having to carry a machine around with you when going on vacation.

6) The Upright Sleeper

upright sleeper

This upright sleeper looks like it was invented by the same people who designed the Japanese sleeping hook. But really- can you really sleep while standing? If you’re a horse, yes, but if you’re human? Really? I’d love to hear about it.

7) Airing Device

sleeping device

The airing device is said to combat sleep apnea just as the mask does, but without the large machine. Looks a lot less complicated. Does it have the same results? Not sure. But very portable!





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