7 Easy-to-Make Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

7 Easy-to-Make Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, (next Tuesday, fyi), and it’s a great time to gorge on chocolate.

But if sugar isn’t your thing, here are some great recipes for an alternative treat.

It’s really all about heart-shaped everything and anything that’s pink and edible. It’s time to create. Bring these yummies into the office, or have them at home in a private celebration to spices things up, mid-week.

Need to know: you’re going to need a cookie cutter that’s made of metal and shaped like a heart, for many of these foods. Heads up. If you’re planning ahead, you can get a set on ebay by clicking here.

Here are 8 healthy edible alternatives to candy for this Valentine’s Day:

1) Berries Dipped in Yogurt


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This one is so easy. It also may be something that you don’t usually prepare, (my raspberries and yogurt are almost always separate), and so it’s kind of special, in it’s own way. Grab some berries at the store, pick up some yogurt and dip in. Yum.

2) Melon Hearts


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It sounds like your going to sacrifice a cantaloupe here, but melon hearts is all about shape. Those cookie cutters from ebay now come in handy. Cut the melon into flat slabs, watermelon, cantaloupe, anything and press away to your heart’s desire.

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As a warning, think twice about getting a heart- shaped melon baller. It looks cool, but it might not give you the exact desired result.

3) Heart Shaped Cheese


This treat falls in the same category as the melon. Use the same cookie cutters for cheese and you’ll be all the rage. Hard cheese preferred for ease of use.

4) Mini Heart Shaped Pizzas (or Bites)

These pizzas require a little more prep time to conjure up than the other items listed, but the kids will likely love them.

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Homemade pizza not your thing? If you don’t want to go to the trouble of rolling out your own pizza crust, cut heart shaped pizza bites with the heart shaped cookie cutter from mini frozen pizzas instead, after they’re cooked.

5) Heart Shaped Boiled Eggs


You’ll need a chopstick, elastic bands and a clean old milk carton for this one. It’s fun-trust me.

5) Wine Cream Cheese


(photo credit: www.pixabay.com)

Definitely for the adults, this is a bit of genius on a bagel. Or on anything you want, really.

These recipes come from Babble.com, which offers three cream-cheese-with-alcohol ideas worth trying.

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They involve champagne, wine or black berry port, (your choice), some extra ingredients and a block of cream cheese.

6) Heart Shaped Finger Sandwiches


(photo credit: www.pixabay.com)

Same old butter and jam, new look! Make sandwiches of your liking, using simple store-bought white or brown bread. Combine these with your cookie cutters and you’ve got Valentine’s Day lunch.

7) Heart Shaped Grilled Cheese


For the kids, and the kid in all of us, heart shaped grilled cheese is sure to please. Similar to the above sandwiches, but cooked.

Make it for someone special, or make it for yourself. Hey, wait a minute- you are someone special. Happy early Valentine’s Day!

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