These Six Unforgettable Baby Announcement Videos Will Move You to Tears

These Six Unforgettable Baby Announcement Videos Will Move You to Tears

So you got the awesome info, but how do you tell your partner or family that you’re pregnant?

With the holidays at our feet, many couples who happen to be expecting choose this time to break the news. With friends and family all gathered around together it’s the perfect time to break the news to all the people that matter, all at once.

But some go one step further and record the whole ordeal to share with the world on Youtube.

These six baby announcements get the message out loud and clear! Some will make you laugh, others cry, all might make you smile. Nothing but fun!

1) A Bun in The Oven

This one is great because of the creativity, and the fact that the woman’s partner takes a while to realize what her message really is. Love the dinner roll sitting in the oven!

2) We’re on TV…and It’s Twins!

This one is so fun to watch! Everyone has such a lot of super energy, and the fact that the couple makes their announcement on T.V makes it priceless. This will make you smile!

3) The World’s Longest Hug

Heartfelt is the word that comes to mind. Watch to see what might be the world’s longest hug given by a man to his wife. Lovely. They’ve been waiting for this child.

4) What Your Cookie Says is True: You Are About to be Big Sisters

This announcement wins the cuteness award as it’s a mom telling her two daughters they are about to be big sisters, and it’s filled with infectious glee. Ha, the younger child should be on the price is right! Must see.

5) Sexy Hubby, Chicken Waffles and Child

This adoring couple arriving in Atlanta for some tourism is about to have a good breakfast (or dinner? Not sure when you eat chicken waffles, but they sound tasty,) and something even bigger.

6) What’s In the Box?

And then the same couple share it with their family and friends, later on:






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