6 Best Ted Talks About Sex

6 Best Ted Talks About Sex

Learn weird and wonderful things about sex from the experts.

Ted Talks are a great source for all that’s wild and woolly. Why not sex?

This list looks at some great Ted Talks, as recommended by Tedtalks.com. Each one focuses on a different aspect of sex, be it reproductive anatomy, desire or romance.

Watch them and you may give yourself a perspective that you hadn’t thought of before.

For a break from Netflix, here are 6 top sexual Ted Talks–enjoy!

1) Insect’s Sex Lives


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In this talk, Marlene Zuk tells us about insects with sperm longer than their body, and those that have scoops to remove any previous sperm from a female’s body.

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Zuk loves insects because she says they break the rules people have about the male and female sex roles, in society. Males can be completely passive, and females the raging bulls. Even those army ants. Yes, you guessed it, they’re all female.

2) Sexual Omnivores


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Christopher Ryan argues in this talk that humans weren’t always meant to mate for life. It all stems back to the agricultural revolution, he says. Before this, humans lived in hunter-gatherer groups and likely had many different sexual partners at any given time, within the group they were living with.

Humans are only species on the planet, he says, were the female is available for sex all time – anywhere in her menstrual cycle, postmenopausal, anytime. This makes us unique.

But our evolved sexuality is in conflict with may aspects of the modern world, says Ryan. What we ‘should feel’ and what we ‘do feel’ are two different things.

3) The Lies We Tell Pregnant Women


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“When we tell women that sex isn’t worth the risk during pregnancy, what we’re telling her is that her sexual pleasure doesn’t matter … that she in fact doesn’t matter,” says Sofia Jawed-Wessel.

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But it does matter. Jawed- Wessel says that it’s all about power. She dissects what happens to a woman’s identity in society when she becomes pregnant, and what that means for us all.

4) Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm


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Mary Roach is an expert on all things orgasmic. Here she talks about how people have had knee and eyebrow orgasms, and one woman even had an orgasm every time she brushed her teeth.

Learn about how you could have an orgasm when you’re dead, and how some men know if a woman has orgasmed from the smell of her breath.

5) What We Didn’t Know About Penis Anatomy


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Dian Kelly looks at anatomy across many species. She looks for similarities and differences, and how they can apply to better human health. Muscular tubes, modified fins and inflatable fleshy parts, she considers it all…even the penis.

6) The Secret to Desire in a Long Term Relationship


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Esther Perel talks here about why sexual attraction can fade over time, and why sex makes babies, but babies spell erotic disaster in couples.

Perel examines the differences between love and desire and how they feel. Her talk focuses on the nature of erotic desire and its dilemmas in modern love.

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She argues that right now is the first time that couples are living in relationships over the long term rooted in desire, rather than a need for 14 children because some might not survive, or a woman feeling a duty to remain in a marriage. But how to sustain those feeling?

The answer lies in these questions, she believes. How do you turn yourself on? When do you allow yourself to experience pleasure? Sometimes the answer is inside rather than outside, Perel says.

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