5 Worst Halloween Treats for Your Teeth

5 Worst Halloween Treats for Your Teeth

Super-sweet, sour and sticky? Avoid these treats at all costs, if you can.

Candies, candies and more candies: they’re just around the corner. Trick-or-treating on Halloween is a time-honored tradition. While you’re out having fun or back at home sorting through treats, it can be easy to forget about the possible after effects of the celebration: cavities.

These suckers can be just as easy to collect as the treats are, if you aren’t careful.

Dentists recommend chocolate as one of the safest treats for your teeth because it dissolves rather quickly in saliva, and doesn’t linger. Chips, of course, are even better, as the sugar content is usually a lot lower.

What are the worst offenders, (and the ones you might want to hide before the kids get them)?

Here are 5 candies you might wish to avoid:

1) Taffy

Taffy, caramels and gummies are some of the worst Halloween candy for your teeth.

Taffy is so sticky it’s a dentist’s worst nightmare. If you’re kid is great at brushing their teeth it might not be such a worry, but in general taffy can get stuck in those itty-bitty grooves in molars which can lead to the production of bacteria that produce cavity-causing acid. This stuff is delicious but dangerous.

2) Gummies

These guys are sort of a double threat. Since gummies are sticky like taffy and caramel, they can linger in your child’s mouth and lead the way towards cavities. Add to that the fact that many gummies are sour, and you’ve got a recipe that can also break down tooth enamel.

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If you need to go for them, try to get sweet gummies instead of sour ones, and limit the attack on your teeth.

3) Caramels

These guys are pretty much like taffy: simply too sticky. They can be amazingly addictive but have a few, and then go for chocolate instead.

4) Sour Candies

Taffy, caramels and gummies are some of the worst Halloween candy for your teeth.

It might seem surprising to find sour candies on the list of bad guys as they don’t seem as sweet as other treats. Truth be told, they can have just as much sugar hiding in them. Sour candies are also more acidic than others resulting in damage to your teeth’s enamel, as mentioned above.

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Enamel is that stuff that coats your teeth, and keeps them safe and shiny. The bad thing about it is that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

5) Lollipops

Lollipops are a favorite for kids, but buyer beware. It can take a pretty long time for them to dissolve in the mouth, depending on the size, and the longer the hard candy sits in their, the more acidic the mouth holding it becomes.

Want to eat the treats but avoid cavities as much as possible? Experts recommend brushing right away after consuming them, and having small children limit the number of houses they visit while trick-or-treating, as a route towards the best outcome.

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