5 Ways to Pretend You’re a Kid Again in the Snow

5 Ways to Pretend You’re a Kid Again in the Snow

1) Make a Snow Sculpture



It’s snowed loads and you want to get outside. But with no skis or sled, what to do? You don’t have to be an artist- why not make a snow sculpture? You can even decorate it with twigs, leaves, pine cones and anything from nature that you may find lying around. The great thing about snow structures, at least these days with the weather being so up-and-down, if you don’t like your creation it’s bound to melt, soon. And if you do, your own front lawn or city park is now your private gallery for the public to peruse, at no charge!

2) Blow Bubbles in the Cold and Watch Them Freeze


Blowing bubbles and watching them freeze when it’s a deep freeze out there has got to be one of the niftiest things around. It will bring out the wonder in you. Nature is so cool!

3) Make Snow Graffiti



Get some spray bottles from the dollar store, add different colors of food coloring to each and dive into snow-graffiti central. For an added twist, add flavoring by putting orange soda in a bottle, or your favorite juice and spraying some snow cones. Scoop with a cup and enjoy- just be sure the snow wasn’t yellow to begin with.

4) Play-Tic-Tac-Snow



Grab some sticks or pencils and play a giant game of tic-tac-snow. The neighbors might want to join in if you cheer loud enough when you win.

5) Make a Snow Man or Woman and Decorate it With Candy



Ok, making a snowman or woman in itself is sure to send you back to childhood, (if you made these as a kid,) but just to make sure you really feel the fun, try decorating your creation with candy. It can turn into a whole morning’s activity, what with a trip to the local convenience store to source your favorite and fanciest treats, and then the actual building of the figure. Trying to make new friends? Invite passersby to take a bite.


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