5 Ways to Make an Average Day, A Healthy One

5 Ways to Make an Average Day, A Healthy One

Tired of feeling groggy and need motivation in the morning to have a healthy & happy day?

Try these five tips to make any average day into a healthy one:

  • Set your alarm 5-10 minutes early, and start your day off stretching! Get out of bed and get into a few yoga poses so you’re feeling energized with the blood pumping. You can even look out the window for a moment of serenity before your hectic day begins. This is manageable for even the grumpiest of non-morning people!
  • Ensure your breakfast contains protein before you walk out the door. Studies suggest children score better in class if their day starts with a protein-rich breakfast, so the same can be applied to those gigantic older kids (adults) and their work life.


  • If you’re a desk jockey, remember to regularly rest your eyes and shoulders. Take frequent breaks away from the computer screen – studies say every 20 minutes is optimal – to rest your eyes and brain. Turn away from the screen or go for a walk around the office.
  • Read things that are unrelated to your work, even if it’s only 10-15 minutes. Then, share what you’ve read with a colleague or friend. Relaying what you read to another person is a good memory test, and everyone could use a little help with their memory as we age. Being unrelated to your work or something you do on the regular is also good with this ‘brain fertilization’.
  • Workout while you’re watching TV! Every show has commercials, so get up and do push-ups, hold a plank for the entire commercial break, or even get the jumping jacks going to sneak some extra cardio into your day.

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