5 Ways You Can Sleep ‘Smarter’

5 Ways You Can Sleep ‘Smarter’

Stop losing sleep over…well, a lack of sleep.

Whether it’s stress from the job, or the circadian-rhythm-wrecking blue light of cellphones and tablets, more and more studies are suggesting what most of us may be feeling: we’re not getting enough sleep.

And that dearth of overnight recovery can lead to more stress, reduced productivity, and overall battering of your health and well-being.

But good news, everyone: technology is moving towards more (non-drug) methods to help us get that extra shut-eye we crave. Recent innovations include smart pajamas, smart pillows, smart aromas, and…you get the idea.

These five ‘smart’ solutions to good sleep health are a dream come true.

Smart Pajamas

This new nightwear was inspired by none other than footballs GOAT, Tom Brady.

According to the creator of these smart pajamas, Kevin Haley UnderArmour president of innovation, the five-time Super Bowl champ talked to him about an injury that healed extraordinarily fast, after rubbing a bioceramic gel on it.

Under Armour smart pajamas for better sleep

“Why not cover your whole body with bioceramics by embedding it in clothing?”, Haley hypothesized.

Two years later, Brady now sleeps in UA’s new Athlete Recovery Sleepwear made of bioceramic imprinted-fabric. The next-gen PJ’s cool off the body’s infrared heat emissions, creating a longer, deeper sleep.

Price: $80.

Smart Breathing

Combining a respiration sensor on a chest strap along with an app, 2Breathe mimics your breathing patterns with tonal music that gradually slows down. The user’s breathing subconsciously decelerates in unison, mirroring the beat.

2Breathe smart breathing for sleep health

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‘Guided breathing’ extends exhalation, lowers anxiety, and simply gets you sleeping quickly. Conveniently, it powers down 10 minutes after your breathing rate indicates you’ve passed out.

Price: $180.

Smart Aromas

These Gallic dispensers release sleep-inducing scents into the air over your bed.

Smart aromas for better sleeps

AromaCare uses aroma capsules – think of the Keurig in your kitchen – composed of organic hodge-podges of lavender, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, sweet orange, and rosemary oils. Users say these scents, promote a sense of calm, helping you relax until you’ve dozed off.

Price: $89; $10 for extra capsules.

Smart Music

Like the popular sleep-music app Sleep Genius, the ReNu from NuCalm utilizes relaxing binaural beats and neuro-acoustic sounds to calm you down, and put you into the theta brainwave state, where you lose track of time.

Smart music Bluetooth for sleep health

Created by neuropathic physician Dr. Blake Holloway, the ReNu comes with Bluetooth headphones and an eye mask; it’ll hit shelves this summer.

Expected Price: $89.

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Smart Pillow

The Advansa 1 X21 is more advanced than most science projects, and certainly the most sophisticated pillow around.

Smart pillow for sleep deprivation

It’s laced with sensors that document body movements, sleep patterns, and ambient noise, analyzing them to determine the quality of your night’s sleep. From there, it offers custom sleeping tips via the smartphone app, giving you a list of adaptations you can make for a sounder sleep. Expect it in stores this June.

Price: $150.

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