5 Vehicle Adjustments That Make for Safer Driving

5 Vehicle Adjustments That Make for Safer Driving

Stay driving for longer and stay safe by adding seat cushions, steering wheel covers and more.

Research shows that almost all seniors don’t make changes to their vehicle that could make their driving safer. But remaining on the road and retaining a driver’s license is a priority for many.

Having to give up the ability to drive means a loss of independence that can be hard to swallow.

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Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals that seniors who stop driving are twice as likely to develop depression and 5 times as likely to end up living in a long-term care facility, compared with those who don’t.

Some simple, relatively inexpensive adaptations can make driving safer. Here are 5 adjustments to keep you on the road and in good health:

1) Seat Cushions and Pads

Research shows that these simple additions to your vehicle can improve your line of sight when driving. They can also reduce back or hip pain, making for a more comfortable experience on the road.

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2) Steering Wheel Covers

For those who suffer from arthritis and joint pain, getting a good grip on the steering wheel can be difficult. Using a cover can add texture and thus safety to your driving.

3) Convex /Multifaceted Mirrors

Tired of guessing what’s in your blind spots? Having some extra mirrors installed can reveal what’s there and take away the worry. No need to crane your neck too far, attempting to see.

4) Pedal Extensions

If you sit too close to the wheel, your airbags could injure you, if set off. Pedal extensions allow you to maintain a safer distance while still using your feet to drive.

5) Hand Controls

If a hip replacement or other condition in your lower limbs is making it difficult to move your legs, consider these.

Consult with an occupational therapy practitioner trained in driving rehabilitation to find out the best adaptations to suit you. They can help you install them properly in your car, and give you extra peace of mind.

It’s a fact that seniors over the age of 65 are twice as likely as young drivers to actually be killed in a car accident. Stay safe and accessorize!

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