5 Turkey Glazes That Will Save the Day and Other Thanksgiving Delights

5 Turkey Glazes That Will Save the Day and Other Thanksgiving Delights

by Victoria Simpson

For those north of the border, in Canada: You’re making your first turkey. The family is over, or all your friends. Or just two guests but they’re universally known for being super-picky town gossips, who are sure to spread the word about your terrible, horrible cooking if given the perfect chance, and Thanksgiving is just that.

Afraid your turkey will bomb? Here’s how to save the day.

Huffington Post linked to these recipes way back in 2013. Brown sugar, Coca-Cola, honey and whisky all make good glazes for turkey, but these are also worth taking a look at.

And check out these tips for getting the best results and avoiding typical pitfalls. Common mistakes can include not giving the turkey enough time to thaw out, cooking it too early and having to serve it cold, and not using a meat thermometer.

You don’t want it to be raw, obviously, or too dry, on the other hand.

May your table be full and your heart and spirit happy, on this warm sunny Thanksgiving Day.

Good luck cooking and enjoy!


Canadian Thanksgiving comes earlier than American Thanksgiving. Have you ever wondered why?



It happens that way because, typically, the harvest comes earlier in the North than for the neighbors down south. There wouldn’t have been any abundance of food to celebrate with, in history, if Canadians had waited until November.

Another interesting fact is that some say that Canadians first celebrated the famous holiday before Americans, but that may be up for dispute.

Check out these other fun facts!








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