President Donald Trump is One: Here Are 5 Curious Traits of the Middle Child

President Donald Trump is One: Here Are 5 Curious Traits of the Middle Child

Did you know that Donald Trump is a middle child? So what does that mean about a person? Here are some traits of middle children.

Malcolm in the Middle: the neglected negotiator, forever mediating, causing trouble while trying to please.

President Donald Trump is a middle child and so is Bill Gates. Are the generalizations about being a middle child true?

If you are one or you know many, you can logically assess for yourself. Not everyone is going to fit the mold, but sometimes the patterns are surprisingly accurate.

Here are 5 curious traits experts have assigned to the middle child:

1) They’re The Most Likely to Wheel and Deal


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Middle children are forced into the position of negotiators. Experts say that because of the needs of the older child and those who are younger, the middle child is often trying to keep the peace.

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In their eyes, the oldest sibling is always getting the best of everything, and those who are younger get to do as they please. Consequently, the middle child feels the need to negotiate with family members, to get their way.

2) They Need Friends Outside the Family


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Since middle children often feel forgotten and left out in the chaos, according to Frank Sulloway, PhD, author of Born to Rebel on, they really need connections outside the family. Everyone wants friends. Middle children tend to need them more than others though, in order to express themselves and be heard.

3) They’re the Least Likely to Be Spoiled


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No one really understands them or listens to them-that’s the feeling of most middle children. The baby is cute and sweet and the eldest is the leader, garnering them attention, but the middle child usually has to play along. They can get used to this role, and expect less, which can result in getting less.

4) They Handle Disappointment Well


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Because of #3, middle children tend to roll with the punches. Disappointment happens so often, they get used to it. Time to try again. Coupled with this though, is the fact that middle children tend to be trailblazers according to They’re open to new ideas, and risk takers.

5) They’re Hard to Label but the Opposite of Whoever is Older


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According to Sulloway on, middle children can have these predictable traits, but they can also be the hardest to classify. This is because they tend to take on traits that are simply the opposite of whomever is the eldest child.

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Is the eldest shy? They’ll be bold. Does the eldest have their nose in a book, most of the time, and is constantly obeying orders? The middle child will be the life of the party and a rebel. For better or for worse, it’s all situational behavior, specific to each family.

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What if you have one of your own? Check out these tips on and remember, as it’s said on,

“Children need to be allowed to find their destiny, whatever their role in the family may be, and as a parent, your most important job is to support their individual journey.”

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