5 Things to Think About When Signing up for Swimming Lessons

5 Things to Think About When Signing up for Swimming Lessons

From instructor knowledge to numbers and safety, these are things you don’t want to pass up.

Swimming lessons are a summer right of passage. Whether your child is learning in a lake, the ocean or a pool, (most likely), you can rest assured they’re creating life-long memories and gaining skills.

In fact, you’re giving them one of life’s essentials: the gift of survival. All children should learn to swim, as on a daily basis in the U.S, about 10 people die from drowning.

Each year, 350 children under the age of 5 drown in pools across the country.

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While the following points may seem like common sense, they can be good to keep in mind when sourcing some lessons for your child.

Always ensure the instructor is professionally trained, and that the ratio of kids-to-instructor is safe. All swimmers should be within arm’s reach. When it comes to very young swimmers, a teacher should be in charge of no more than a few at a time.

You should be able to observe the lessons in progress, either close up or from afar, and your child should be placed in a class that’s relevant to their ability.

And remember: learning to swim is a process. Some people pick it up rather quickly and others can take years to advance a few levels. Not everyone needs to learn to perfect the butterfly. If your child can swim independently, tread water, get in and out of the water on their own, swim to the surface and grab onto something it’s a success.

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