5 Reasons to Keep Having Sex After 60

5 Reasons to Keep Having Sex After 60

Feeling frisky and wondering if it’s normal? Yes, in fact, the more sex you have as life goes on, the better.

Having sex with your partner can be a great way to connect. Once your reach your 60s you may be retiring and looking at some major chances in life, but losing your sex life doesn’t have to be one of them.

Here are 5 reasons why continuing to have sex far into your later years is a good thing:

1) Because You Want To

If you feel attracted to your partner, why wouldn’t you be physically intimate? Age is just a number, and with all the years of experience behind you, a romp under the sheets in your 60s an beyond can be very satisfying. If you lost that loving feeling but want to get it back, or are facing other intimacy challenges, check these tips.

2) For Better Prostate Health

Having sex as a senior has many benefits.

According to the experts, being engaged in regular sexual activity is very beneficial for men, as it contributes to the prevention of prostate cancer. Whether that’s with a partner or not, the important physical component is ejaculation. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that men who ejaculate 21 or more times per month-every weekday?-have a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer. Men who only ejaculated four to seven times per month had a higher risk.

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3) For Better Vaginal Health

Most women know that the make-up of the vagina changes after going through menopause. Everything can be a bit drier due to drops in estrogen levels. Apparently, while this can result in painful sex, it can also mean the more sexual activity, the better.

The vagina isn’t incapable of lubricating itself at this time, it just happens less vigorously and more slowly. Take your time with foreplay. Let things happen in time. The natural lubrication you’ll bring to your vagina will make things more comfortable for daily living, in general, reducing pain and tearing.

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4) To Ease Pain

Having sex as a senior has many benefits.

Having sex is a form of exercise. Because of this, just like going for a jog, it makes your body release the hormone oxytocin and more of those great endorphins. The result for some is decreased arthritis pain and fewer things like headaches and muscle pain.

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5) To Stay Fit

As stated in #4, love under the sheets is considered to be low impact aerobics activity. You don’t need to drop the gym membership, but engaging in regular intimate activity is definitely good for your cardiovascular system, as then blood gets pumping.

6) To Live Longer

Good physical health will make you live longer, and so will feeling emotionally connected to humans. In consensual sex, the act of engagement plays into reinforcing the emotional bond you have with your partner, which means that a joyful partnership can help you live longer.

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